Suitability for Cruising

What Cruisers Do

  • Can you do nothing for days on end?
  • Do you like sleeping in damp bedclothes?
  • Did you ever get the urge to sleep under the stairs or other confined space?
  • Does the smell of diesel bring a sense of nostalgia?
  • When sizing up a new boat do you check the comfort of the bunks first?
  • Do you sometimes get lube oil mixed up with sun-tan cream?
  • Do you sometimes drive your car at 4 knots?
  • Can you have a full body-wash with one cup of cold water?
  • When asked about the best way to use a spinnaker do you ask, "What is a spinnaker"?

If you have answered "yes" to some of the above, beware, you may be suitable for cruising!