Weather Links

Met Eireann - Sea Area Forecast

This gives the current forecast, our sailing area is between Slyne Head and Erris Head.

Met Eireann - 3 hour forecast

This is a forecast for the next 3 hours - showing precipitation and wind

UK Met Office - synoptic charts for North Atlantic

Click along the tabs above the chart to progress 12 hours

Black & White Synoptic Charts for next 5 days

Current Weather Buoy Information

Click here to see live information from Marine Buoys - M6 is 210 miles off Slyne Head

XC Weather

YR.NO - Norwegian Weather site giving forecast for Galway

Windguru for Clew Bay

Magic Seaweed wind animation

Tidal Information

Daylight Hours

Click here to show the hours of daylight in Galway (we are very similar)

Watersports Instruction

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