COVID-19 Measures for Safe Sailing during the Sailing Courses

Prerequisites for sailors doing the Sailing Courses

  • Capable Sailors looking to enhance sailing skills - All levels - (Taste of Sailing/Starts/Basics/Improving/ABH/Go Racing Levels)
    • Understand social distancing
    • Children with medical issues should be able to adhere to risk minimisation measures. If there are any concerns regarding a child’s susceptibility to COVID-19 due to an underlying illness, parents should discuss this with the junior organiser.
    • There are a small number of dinghies available for rent, first come first served. However, all sailors are encouraged to bring their own dinghy and ensure that it is in working order. If it’s not seaworthy the child will not be allowed to sail.
  • Sailors will be asked to come and go from the course in their sailing gear, to enhance the time on the water.

• See also the HSE recommendations for COVID-19 for the return to sports activities for children and adolescents 'click here'.

Protocol for daily activities for all models outlined:

• All Participants must understand social distancing
• An attendance will be taken of all participants at beginning and end of each session to facilitate contact tracing.
• The participants shall remain with their allocated group for the period of the session.
• It will be single handed sailing unless with a sibling.

Launching and Returning to Base
• Participants attending the sailing sessions will launch their own boats and will stack their own trolly safely, while the Assistant Instructor holds the boat.
• All participants must wash down their boat and trolley after coming afloat from sailing.
• Returning to the club will be on a phased basis and managed by the SI while maintaining the 2m social distancing.

Food and water
• Every participant must bring their own water bottles filled and carry their own water bottles at all times both on and off the water.
• Snack bags must be carried by individual participants and not given to instructors.

Communication with Parents
• Communication will be maintained with Parents via Email/WhatsApp Groups.
• If parents have any questions for instructors about their child’s progress or have any concerns this should be coordinated through Junior Organiser by email

Use of Club Facilities
• There will be no access to club facilities for any participant. Only one toilet will be available for use.
• The marine office will be for the sole use of the SI only.
• No equipment is to be shared between participants.
• It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure their equipment is in working order.
• All participants must wash down their boat and trolley after coming afloat from sailing.

Everyone must use hand sanitizer regularly and will be reminded regularly, particularly in the following circumstances:
• When you arrive at the club
• After coughing or sneezing
• Before and after eating
• If your hands are dirty
• After toilet use.

Cleaning protocol
What needs to be cleaned in between each session:
• Hands
• Toilet area
• Hull and all equipment used
• VHF Radio
• Ice packs (if used)

Actions taken to minimise spread:

• All instructors will be responsible for cleaning areas of the club affected and will be delegated areas accordingly

• All participants and instructors will be reminded regularly to use hand sanitiser before and after each session

Toilet area & Hall :
• Make only one-bathroom stall available and close off remainder
• Clean using alcohol spray and mop with warm soapy water

Hull and all equipment:
• All participants will be allocated a boat and related participants will be in the same boat for the duration of the course. There will be no swapping during the course.

• hose down all surfaces

VHF Radio
• DI and SI will be assigned VHF radios
• Use VHF covers and wipe down with alcohol spray

Buoyancy Aids
• Ask participants must bring their own

Ice packs
• wash in warm soapy water after use

First Aid Measures - Minor and Common Injuries - Example: Cut/graze or Hit their head
• Instructor gives participants the necessary equipment and instructs them on how to use it.
• If this fails, then the instructor must use gloves and mask or the parents will be contacted to assist the participant

Social Distancing
• Ensuring participants and Instructors maintain 2-metre (2m) separation while sailing, on the platform.
• Members must have travelled to the club with members of the same household or alone.
• If travelling by public transport they should ensure they use their hand sanitizer prior to entry to the club.
• If people cough / sneeze do so into the sleeve or elbow, always cover up, dispose of tissues in a safe manner i.e. a suitable bin on site.

Suspected COVID-19 Cases
• Key Control Measures – Symptoms - Informing people not to attend the Club if they have any of the following symptoms – fever (temperature), cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties
• Instructors and SI will monitor participants at all times for symptoms of Covid-19.
• If there is a suspected or/and case of COVID-19 confirmed among the participants or Instructional Staff, all training will cease immediately and the relevant authorities will be notified.

• If a rescue is required for a sailor before the instructor does the rescue they must have their face covering (mask or buff) on themselves
• After the rescue the instructor and the participants should hand sanitise.

• If the weather is not suitable for sailing parents will be notified that sailing is cancelled for that day and requested not to come to the club.

At any time the club reserves the right to cancel the sailing camps due to inclement weather, lack of numbers to run a course or sickness.