COVID-19 Measures for Safe Sailing during Junior Sailing Courses 2021


  • A Covid 19 Compliance Officer is appointed to oversee that safe and hygienic practices which stop the spread of viral infections are in place on the junior courses for the duration of the junior courses at Mayo Sailing Club.
  • A Risk Assessment is conducted before the junior sailing courses commence so that the courses can be structured in such a way as to minimise the risk of viral infections to junior sailors, instructional staff and all MSC members.  This risk assessment is reviewed periodically.
  • A Pre-course Health Questionnaire is sent to parents before their child's junior sailing course starts.  This questionnaire must be answered by parents on behalf of their child/ children attending the course.    If a child displays any symptom listed in the health questionnaire parents are required to keep their child at home and seek medical advise from their GP.
  • The Irish Sailing Plan for Living with Covid 19 guidelines and recommendations are applied to the junior sailing courses at MSC.  This plan is regularly reviewed and updated by Irish Sailing according with changing government guidelines.  Further information and details can be found on the IS website:
  • Latest update on Covid 19 and Irish Sailing
  • Irish Sailing Return to Sailing FAQs
Junior Sailors looking to participate on MSC Junior Sailing Courses 2021 - All levels - (Taste of Sailing/Starts/Basics/Improving/ABH/Go Racing Levels) must:

Understand the importance of daily hand hygiene before and after junior sailing courses and the concept of social distancing, in particular towards older members of MSC.

Junior sailors must be aware that the sailing courses will use an outdoor classroom model for any theory sessions and lunch is taken outdoors.  There will be no access to the clubhouse.

Arrive ready to sail and leave the course in their sailing gear as changing rooms are not in use this year (2021) for junior sailors or any club members.

Understand the need for children with medical issues  to adhere to risk minimisation measures.

If there are concerns regarding a child’s susceptibility to COVID-19 due to an underlying illness, parents should discuss this with the junior organiser before booking a course.

For further details please refer to the HSE recommendations for COVID-19 for the return to sports activities for children and adolescents 'click here'.

Protocol for daily activities for all levels outlined:

All Participants must understand social distancing
An attendance record is taken of all participants at beginning and end of each session to facilitate contact tracing.
The participants shall remain within their allocated pod for the duration of the course.

Launching and Recovering Dinghies
Launching and recovery of sailing dinghys will be on a phased basis adhering to their sailing pods.

Food and water
Every participant must bring their own water bottles.  Lunch bags must be left in the Dinghy Shed in the allocated Pod area on arrival to the club.   Lunch is eaten outdoors in allocated pod areas.  There is no sharing of food or drinks between juniors.

Communication with Parents
Communication will be maintained with Parents via Email/WhatsApp Groups.
If parents have any concerns they should be coordinated through the Covid Compliance Officer in person or the Junior Organiser by email.

Use of Club Facilities
There will be no access to club facilities. Only two toilets, male and female, will be available for use.
The marine race office will be for the use course administration and storing course equipment.


Parents are encouraged to have hand santitser in their car for their child to use before and after the junior courses.
Everyone must use hand sanitizer after coughing or sneezing, before and after eating, if your hands are dirty and after toilet use.

Daily cleaning protocol
Sanitising of the areas in use and equipment used for junior sailing courses is done daily.   Particular attention is given to the following areas:
• Hands - instructors and junior sailors
• Toilet area
• Hull and all equipment used
• VHF Radio
• Ice packs (if used)

Other actions taken to minimise spread:

Instructors are responsible for keeping the equipment sanitised on their specific course level.

Hand sanitising stations installed at the toilet area and at the dinghy shed.

Specific child centred Covid 19 signage placed in the Junior areas and other relevant signs are in place to remind and encourage compliance with precautions to stop the spread of viral infections.

Toilet area & Hall :
Two bathroom stalls, male and female, available and close off remainder.
Sanitise using alcohol spray and mop with warm soapy water.

Club dinghys:
All participants will be allocated a club boat.  When the course syllabus requires that boat crews change boats then hulls and equipment are sanitised before  new crew starts.

Sanitise touch surfaces after use, (tiller, console etc).

VHF Radio
Allocate VHF to one instructor per course, use VHF covers and sanitize with alcohol spray after use.

Buoyancy Aids
Participants must bring their own buoyancy aid.

Ice packs
Wash in warm soapy water after use.

First Aid Measures - Minor and Common Injuries - Example: Cut/graze or Hit their head

Mask and gloves placed at the top of the First Aid kit and are used by the first aid responder when there is an injury to attend to.

Where possible the injured person will be given the necessary first aid material and instructions on how to use it.

The first aid responder must wear gloves and mask when they need to treat an injury and when required parents will be contacted to assist with treating an injured junior.

Social Distancing
Junior sailors are required to maintain a 2m social distance from other club members who may be using the club facilities at the same time as the junior courses.
If travelling by public transport they should ensure they use their hand sanitizer prior to entry to the club.
If people cough / sneeze do so into the sleeve or elbow, always cover up, dispose of tissues in a safe manner i.e. a suitable bin on site.

Suspected COVID-19 Cases
Key Control Measures – Pre course questionnaire outlining Covid 29 symptoms - Informing people not to attend the Club if they have any of the following symptoms – fever (temperature), cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties
If there is a suspected or/and case of COVID-19 confirmed among the participants or Instructional Staff, all training will cease immediately and the relevant authorities will be notified.

If a rescue is required for a junior sailor  the instructor must endeavor to minimise their time in close contact with the junior sailor without compromising water safety concerns.
After a rescue incident the instructor and the participants should each personally hand sanitise when it is safe to do so.

If the weather is not suitable for sailing parents will be notified that sailing is cancelled for that day as the indoor area of the clubhouse is not in use for the junior courses this year.  Alternative activities, such as sailing theory classes and/or beach clean ups, may be put on at the discretion of the Senior Instructor given the severity of the weather conditions.

The club reserves the right to cancel the sailing camps due to inclement weather, lack of numbers to run a course or sickness at any time.

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